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Would you like to learn more about your company? Would you like to make your KPIs more transparent, to identify trends faster and to better anticipate risks? Then we’ve got just the right solution to meet your needs: iControl.

iControl is a work interface for analyses and planning operations that delivers immediate benefits for your company. iControl can be used both as a stand-alone solution and when integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can access relevant data at any time with iControl; relationships become identifiable, while processes become transparent and predictable. In Microsoft 365, complete KPIs are practically made available to you based on the Microsoft CRM data in cooperation with well-known customers. Flexible analyses about both your and your competitors’ selling behavior are the result of this. Using this obtained information, in iControl you see KPIs that are decisive for corporate strategy, discover new business potential and create transparency across specialist departments.

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“The Cloud-based ORBIS Consumer Suite simply best meets our needs, and we believe that using it will translate into far greater efficiency and flexibility in our sales processes. ORBIS AG’s in-depth process and sector-specific knowledge and consulting expertise in the consumer goods industry played a key role in our decision.”

Wolfgang Menzel, Head of IT Germany of Eckes-Granini Group

Consumer Analytics

We’ve developed Consumer Analytics to overcome the daily challenges faced in the consumer goods industry. With Consumer Analytics, we’re providing you with all the information you need about each trade group, regional company or outlet, for example – individually and at a glance.

Consumer Analytics is made up of the following modules:

  • Listing and Distribution
    The Listing module helps you specify your product range that you’d like to sell to customers. You can also view the temporary campaign lists for individual products and obtain information about the distribution rate. The distribution migration analysis provides you with information about the creeping list and resulting distribution gaps.
  • Visits
    Consumer Analytics helps you to optimally organize your account visits and enables you to reduce your administrative work to a minimum by means of visit recommendations.
  • Promotion
    The items marketed as part of a promotion are monitored in a campaign list, so you have a complete overview at all times.
  • Marketing Lists
    This module allows you to classify your business partners and allocate them to relevant marketing lists.
  • Business Activities
    This component helps sales managers to plan field service staff’s visits.
  • Sales and Turnover Data
    Consumer Analytics evaluates sales planning, organization and monitoring activities and the sales performance too.
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