Solutions SharePoint

Portal solution

Boost your productivity! Microsoft SharePoint is one of the leading collaboration platforms for best managing collaboration and the exchange of information with individuals both inside and outside of the company. The solution allows you to provide the company’s contents in a central location so it’s accessible to everyone involved – even when they’re on the move! Due to integration with the likes of SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can use the solution to optimally map your business processes and the associated documents.

Possible usage scenarios:

  • Project portal for handling and documenting sales and development projects
  • Central sales knowledge base with CRM integration
  • Company portal in the form of an Intranet to make templates available, communicate company news and handle internal processes
  • Service platform with CRM integration for self-service customer support
  • Customer portal for collaboration on customer projects and provision of information and documents
  • Platform for collaboration with external partners
  • Knowledge management
  • Document management
  • OneDrive for Business integration for synchronization of all documents on mobile devices
  • Involvement of workflows
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Enterprise Search

Other data from third-party systems – such as product catalogs, ERP systems or the existing file system – can be recorded and made available using Enterprise Search in SharePoint. The Search Center in SharePoint shows the employees the hits from all the relevant systems at a glance, enabling a company-wide search for the first time ever.

Possible usage scenarios:

  • 360° customer search with data from the CRM and ERP systems as well as all the saved customer documents
  • Product catalog with stock list from ERP, enriched with data from CRM, product configurator or PIM system
  • Personalized task cockpit with aggregated task overview for all the currently registered users from all the connected systems
  • Incorporation of existing file system storage, including full-text index
  • Display of all the documents relating to one service case directly in the CRM application
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