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"Power" BI - What ORBIS has to offer

Everyone’s talking about BI (Business Intelligence) nowadays, but it’s certainly not a new topic – not by far. Since the beginning of the industrialization era, the individuals involved have asked themselves how their actions might be beneficial.

The huge volume of data as a result of the Internet, process networking and the available technologies are leading to us wanting to generate an even greater need for information and to exploit even the smallest weakness or the hidden potential in data. And this is indeed OK, as long as the proportionality of the means employed remains guaranteed.

In the meantime, the technologies have underwent yet another huge development – we’re already being provided with complex options around every corner. The trick lies in cleverly making them useful for yourself and being able to use them to generate a high level of added value with minimal effort.

As ORBIS, we have already gained diverse experience in the field of BI.

  1. As a consulting company working in the SAP environment, we have been successfully providing consulting services relating to SAP BI (BW, BO, Hana) for years
  2. Being the manufacturer of a BI Suite, we have successfully had an active presence among international customers for more than 20 years
  3. With SAP and Microsoft, we combine analytical CRM to form a complete tool for companies in projects

Taking your BI strategy into consideration, we show you how new and existing scenarios can be reasonably combined with one another and thus guide you safely to your goal!

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